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Nearly all of Famcor's production in Southeast Texas comes from the Jackson/McElroy, Yegua/Cockfield, and the Wilcox formations. Famcor has spent most of the past thirty years primarily working the Wilcox in the Upper Texas Gulf Coast, focusing on the problems of log interpretation, completion techniques and well stimulation methods, and has dramatically improved flow rates, total reserves and the rate of successful commercial completions in this part of the liquids-rich Wilcox trend. However, due to changes in the pricing for oil and natural gas in the last few years, Famcor has changed its focus to that of searching for relatively shallow prospects, with a definite focus on those with oil potential. As a result, today Famcor's main interest and a good portion of its income stream is a result of these re-focused efforts.

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Schwab Copeland Evergreen Flores Shepherd Six Lakes
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